How To Overcome Google Algorithm Update On Web

How To Overcome Google Algorithm Update On Web

What your site has decreased lately? Caution, may be the google algorithm is active! Anti-spam team that controlled by Matt Cutts, working to clean up Search Engine Google search list of site spam. Don’t miss also sites which contain not qualified content. Then, how to overcome google algorithm update on web?

How To Overcome Google Algorithm Update On Web

Automatically for “SEO workers” and internet marketer, this event must have been feeling impact. There are many changes in the position of website, even experiencing deindex (removed from Google search list). If it’s so, ofcourse traffic to site will be greatly reduced. Look pathetic that visitors to the site can be counted on fingers especially expects sales.

Fortunately i did not remain silent. I started to build a site that is not only just “money oriented” but it more beneficial for readers. And should the sites that provide benefits to people who worthy entry in the main page. We will not know if it survived now, who knows later on your site affected by panda algorithm.

Learn web-prone criteria become victims here:

Have high advertisement ratio

If a user of a site must doing scroll down in order to see original content, this could be get indication these sites much advertise. Risk getting angry from Google panda.

Link purchase practice

Practice of selling or buying links that aim to improve site’s ranking in Google SERP is prohibited. If caught, most likely will get pinalty.

Has few content

Main target panda is sites that have very little original content. Incorporated content that is superficial to fill your web is a futile effort. Google always put best content entry in their main page.

Lots of blank page

Lets error or blank without repaired result factors punished.

Create double page to targeting specific keyword

For example: keyword “cowboy cap then he / she make some identical pages to one keywords per content like zigaz cowboy cap, sel cheap zigaz cowboy cap, etc.


What tips?

Don’t worry, you can apply:

  • Post quality content (keep originality), useful for readers.
  • Fix not good content, change if to short.
  • Avoid shortway as spam links, unreasonably share in social media.
  • Audit on regular basis web that involve broken link, blank, or other problem.

It’s obvious is not it? Happy blogging!

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